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Hi,We’re RAW Roses
We are a Canadian Based Eternal Rose Boutique who collaborate with floral farm's in Ecuador, where the world's finest roses are grown to create luxury arrangements that last up to one year.
We offer beautiful Eternity Rose gifts that last up to one year, in a variety of options. Our Roses last over a year with no need for watering with minimal care. They are available in an array of colors!
We've learned over the years that a gift isn't just an instinct. Behind every one is an emotion. A thoughtful message, some very best wishes, a heartfelt thank you or a declaration of love. It's the celebratory hug that says ‘You've got this', the little boost they need in the face of adversity.
That special moment of connection between you and them – you created that, and it feels so good. We just had the privilege of helping to make it extra special and unique.
You won't find our eternal roses on a factory production line. No. Each one is hand-crafted.
A truly one-of-a-kind gift created by our artistic team. Masters of their craft, our artists are our resident heroes. They're the ones who hand-select the very best designs and skilfully arrange them- hand made!
We really do. We know that you're looking for the very best way to connect with someone you care about, to create a moment so special it lives on in their memory, long after the euphoria may have faded. We also know it all has to be perfect. Perfectly pretty, perfectly timed and perfectly delivered with every little detail considered.