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Loyalty/Rewards Program

Loyalty Has It's Rewards

The Flower Company Florist is honored with the loyalty of our friends and clients. Although there are many flower shops throughout Kamloops, they tell us that they'll always return to The Flower Company because of our stunning blooms and impeccable service. We are thrilled to have built such wonderful relationships for more than YEARS IN BUSINESS.

To show how much that dedication means to us at The Flower Company, we launched our on-line Loyalty/Rewards Program. We are proud to say that we have the best blossom reward program in the industry!

With the Loyalty/Rewards Program, each time your The Flower Company 's account reaches $___ in purchases, you will be sent a $___ coupon to use on a future stunning bouquet. At The Flower Company 's we cherish our relationships with our clients. Do you only send flowers occasionally? Sounds good to us, and you will have three months to redeem your certificate.

The Flower Company


The next time you place an order online through our website, remember to sign into your The Flower Company account and elect to participate in the program.

If you have any questions, we are delighted to be of assistance. Our Floral Client Services Team, who are the magic behind the Loyalty/Rewards Program, can be reached at [at]EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THEM TO CONTACT YOU For FAQ CLICK HERE